Learn More - Clementi Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

The very quick heating times (20/25 minutes) and the low wood consumption make them ideal products for all cooking lovers, both experts and beginners.

All outdoor wood fired pizza ovens are realized with special materials able to resist atmospheric condition, from rain to snow.

Our patented Air Plus system and the massive insulation make them unique and high quality products.


Our patented Air Plus System allows you to cook the pizza perfectly on both sides thanks to the introduction of combustion air from the bottom of the oven on the embers, to keep them alive and redistribute the flame along the roof of the cooking chamber.

Thanks to the massive insulation and the quality of the materials used, like the scamotek, our ovens can keep hot for longer the heat.

Once it reaches the desired temperature, it is possible to use the oven also leaving the mouth of the cooking chamber open without incurring significant loss of heat.