It is important for the longevity of this product that the wood fired oven is ‘seasoned or cured’ correctly. Typically the curing process is undertaken over 3-4 days with a low gradual heat to slowly dry out the refractory cement clay chamber. Note: DIY modular kit ovens that are built on site need to dry for 7 days before the 3-4 day curing process is started.

When firing your oven for the first time, it is vital that heat be built up gradually. You will need to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

This process is meant to gradually dry out and equalise the moisture content of the oven refractory components. The process should therefore be not too rapid, not too hot, as the long-term performance of the oven may be affected.

Gradually increasing the heat intensity of your fire during the curing process. 

Important: Do not neglect this seasoning process, as the long-life and effective use of the oven may be compromised.