Whatever you do, don’t try to clean the pizza oven straight after you’ve used it. It’s best to leave the pizza oven to cool down overnight before cleaning it. Cleaning a hot pizza oven can not only be dangerous for you, the cleaner but also detrimental to the pizza oven itself.


Clean The Inside of It

Cleaning the interior is one of the most important parts of the process. You’ll find dirt, ashes, grease and food residue inside your pizza oven which can affect the taste of your food – and nobody wants that!

Remove the ashes each time you go to use your pizza oven. Use a shovel or a copper brush to scrape them out and dispose of them safely.

Clean grease stains using a sponge and a mixture of water and vinegar to cut through the grease.

Don’t use detergents or cleaning products on your pizza oven because the pizza stone can absorb the chemicals, tainting your food.

Don’t use too much water either as this can cause cracking in the stone.

Remove creosote from the inside of the oven. Creosote presents a fire hazard when it builds up in your pizza oven without cleaning it.

Clean The Exterior

The exterior of your pizza oven tends to get dirty over time. The way you clean your exterior will depend on whether your pizza oven is refractory or stainless steel.


Clean The Chimney

Like all chimneys, pizza oven chimneys present a fire hazard if soot isn’t cleaned out regularly. Simply use a brush to clean out the soot in your pizza oven. Inspect your soot levels regularly and clean when they reach 1/8 of an inch.