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Gozney Arc + Arc XL Booster

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SKU: AA1783

Sale price$199.00


The Arc + Arc XL Booster is easy to set up, designed for durability, and elevates your countertop oven to a more comfortable height for crafting pizzeria-quality pizzas.
Specifically created for the Arc or Arc XL ovens, this booster raises your countertop-placed oven to an ergonomic level, simplifying the process of sliding in, monitoring, and rotating your pizza. Its robust and stylish construction is aimed at enhancing your pizza-making prowess.

  • Enhances ergonomics for Arc or Arc XL with a countertop design
  • Suitable for both Arc and Arc XL models
  • Built from durable, powder-coated steel
  • Includes a shelf for storing pizza peels
  • Simple assembly process

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