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Gozney Dome Covers

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SKU: AD1235

Style: Dome
Sale price$119.99


Ensure year-round protection for your Gozney oven with the Dome Cover. Crafted to provide a flawless fit, this cover is designed to snugly encase your oven, whether it's placed on a counter-top or utilized with the stand. No matter if you have the door and Neapolitan arch installed or not, the Dome Cover is tailored to accommodate your specific configuration.

Constructed from top-quality marine-grade materials that are highly resistant to various weather conditions, this cover offers comprehensive safeguarding against rain, wind, frost, UV rays, salt, insects, and wildlife. It strikes the perfect balance between protection and breathability, allowing moisture to escape when necessary.

By preventing any potential obstructions from entering your oven, the Dome Cover plays a vital role in maintaining optimal performance. To preserve your oven's peak condition for those special moments that truly matter, we highly recommend investing in the Dome Cover

  • Marine grade weather resistant materials
  • Quick drying and water repellent
  • UV stable to UPF 50
  • Double stitched for extra strength
  • Pull tag to tighten the fit around the base of the oven
  • Heavy duty zips with pleats to assist fitting
  • Material 330gr/m2 100% Acrylic
  • PU coated

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