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Gozney Dome Steam Injector

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nhance the moisture levels in your oven and achieve longer rising dough and irresistibly crispy crusts with our innovative Moisture Steam Injector.

This precision-engineered black anodized aluminum funnel, equipped with a cork top, is designed to inject the perfect amount of water into the oven, creating a burst of steam upon entry. The meticulous engineering ensures precise control over the steam production, allowing you to create the ideal moisture-rich environment for baking bread.

When used in conjunction with the Dome's rope sealed door, the steam injector works harmoniously to maintain a moist atmosphere within the oven. This prevents the bread from developing an outer crust too quickly, allowing it ample time to rise fully. The result is a loaf that is delightfully light, airy, and has undergone an extended rising process, leading to a wonderfully crisp crust.

Note: To ensure optimal functionality, the Steam Injector requires the installation of the Dome Rope Sealed Door on your oven. The combined use of these two accessories maximizes the efficiency of steam generation and guarantees exceptional baking results.

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