Install your oven on a flat, level surface. Ideally Hebel or concrete bench top is preferred on a Brick or Besser Block or a steel metal stand.

Ensure that the support base or bench structure can hold the weight of the oven and the bench dimensions suit the oven size. (Please refer to product description).

For most family size pizza ovens, a support base bench 1200Wx 1200D x 1000H will suit. For our XL ovens please check our product FAQs document.

Using the dimension specifications found in our product descriptions, draw a full-scale outline of the oven on a large piece of paper or cardboard. This way you can see if the oven will fit in the desired location.

 Recommended Support - Base Bench Construction:

 Masonry & Concrete Base Bench:

Block walls in a U shape (open at the front for wood storage)

Besser 200mm block walls core filled (with a 100mm thick reinforced concrete slab top or Hebel Power Panels for the top)

Hebel Base Bench:

CSR Hebel 200mm block walls (with CSR Hebel power panels on top of the block walls).

Contact CSR Hebel to find your local supplier:

Metal Stand:

We offer several pizza ovens with a metal stand option. Some ovens may need a stand custom made to order (by a metal fabricator). For heavy duty Pre Cast Modular Kit ovens we recommend laying CSR Hebel reinforced power panels into the angle frame top of the metal stand.

See our base design drawings (with measurements) under our product FAQS document for each oven model.


You may consider bench top materials that are non combustible and heat resistant for example tiles, natural granite stone or Dekton (type of porcelain).

We recommend you speak to your benchtop installer so they are aware of your intended oven installation.

We cannot recommend mounting ovens onto engineered (man made) stone benches. However, some clients successfully mount light-weight smaller ovens (with bench mount short legs) on to this type of engineered stone bench tops with no issues. These ovens with bench mount short legs allow air flow and help raise the oven cooking floor off the bench surface. You can also lay a sheet of non combustible 6mm cement board sheeting under the oven for added insulation and protection.

Cement board sheeting: for example Villaboard James Hardie